InfoSecWOTD#13 Warm Site πŸŒ“

Today’s #infosec Word of the Day #13 is

#WARMSite πŸŒ“

It is summer in most parts of the world but a warm site is not what you think it is. A warm site is a middle ground between two disaster recovery options, A Hot site πŸŒ• and a Cold site πŸŒ‘, in your Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP).

A hot site is a backup facility that represents a mirrored copy of the primary production center. A cold site represents the same work area, recovery space, and infrastructure support as a hot site, but they don’t function as a complete mirrored copy of the primary production center.

So the warm site is simply a backup facility with all of the primary production equipment without the actual data or information, a middle ground between hot and cold site.

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