2022- EC-Council Cyber Talks

How to become a Network security engineer in 2022 ?

To become a network security engineer, you need basic computing and networking skills and an excellent hands-on learning experience. In the digital transformation era, where businesses increasingly utilize a wide range of technologies for their needs, digital infrastructure security has become of prime importance. In response, the demand for professionals capable of administrating security systems for organizational networks is proliferating, and the increasing quality and quantity of security risks further add to the cause. With growing technological demand for operational use, the technologies on the security front are also being developed rapidly to address a wide range of requirements and security threats. Multiple technology giants and vendors have developed various solutions either as a suite or as standalone for easy integration and compatibility with the existing infrastructure. Aspirants today aiming for this lucrative and promising network and digital infrastructure security career must learn various skills from vendor-neutral and specialized perspectives. The current webinar aims to guide aspirants and upcoming professionals through the dos and don’ts of this career path to succeed and achieve a deeper and more thorough understanding of various elements involved with network security.